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BAFTA Rocliffe in New York: 2011 Blog

10 August 2011
BAFTA Rocliffe Comedy writers at the New York TV FestivalJoan Katz/BAFTA New York

Read biogs and blogs from the talented writers who were selected as the winners of the inaugural BAFTA Rocliffe Comedy writers competition in 2011.

Read more about their experiences as they attempted to get noticed by industry hot shots in The Big Apple and beyond.

In August 2011, BAFTA and Rocliffe came together to select the three best scripts submitted by a host of screenwriters all vying for the opportunity to take their work overseas to the New York TV Festival, the self proclaimed ‘birth place of modern television’. A host of industry comedy insiders from the UK and the US judged and are mentoring the writers including Andrew Newman exec producer of Peep Show, Shane Allen, Channel 4's Head of Comedy, Kevin Cecil (writer Come Fly with Me) Caryn Mandabach (Exec Producer Nurse Jackie), Val Boreland, Senior VP Programming, Comedy Central, Don Taffner Jr., President DLT Entertainment and actor Simon Jones.

After sifting through hundreds of manuscripts, a series of tense interviews and a lot of deliberation, three outstanding, rib tickling scripts stood out from the pile. The search for BAFTA’s winning writers was over; Greg De Roeck, Anne-Marie Draycott and Thomas Phipps. Pete Bowden, writing partner to Thomas and the other half of Anne Marie's comedy duo, Charity Trimm also took part in the blog.

Discover more about their experiences...

Profiles: Tom Phipps & Pete Bowden Tom & Pete

"We are unqualified and totally uninterested in doing anything other than writing stuff"

Read Tom & Pete's Blog [TEXT]

Profiles: Gregory De Roeck Greg

"I wanted to create a character comedy that is controversial, funny and a bit warped."

Read Greg's Blog [TEXT]


Profile: Anne-Marie + Charity

Anne & Charity

"We talk and talk and talk for ages before actually get down to any writing… but we invariably come up with funny anecdotes"

Read Anne-Marie & Charity's Blog [TEXT]

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