Save the Cheerleader, Save the World

Your chance to own a signed script of the original pilot series of NBC’s BAFTA-winnning drama, Heroes.

This unique Screen Dream offers-up a rare, autographed copy of the script of the original pilot series of “Heroes”, signed by its creator, writer and executive producer Tim Kring. The multi award-winning TV epic tells stories of ordinary individuals who possess extraordinary abilities. Claire Bennett the cheerleader, Hiro Nakmaura a computer geek, politician Nathan Petrelli and his brother Peter join forces with other Heroes to help save humanity.

“Heroes” has gained universal acclaim, with nominations for a Golden Globe and an Emmy. It most recently won the International category at the British Academy Television Awards in 2008, as well as a People’s Choice Award for Best New Drama in 2007 and Programme of the Year 2007 from the Television Critics Association.

The script from the original pilot series is a valuable and collectable piece of memorabilia, from one of TV’s most successful dramas with a dedicated worldwide following.

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