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Masterclass: Bill Mitchell Cinematographer and Joe Dean Lighting Designer


06 March 12

Skillset Media Academy Wales

20 March 2012
5.30PM - 7.30PM
A10, University of Wales Newport City Campus, Usk Way

Student Academy Award winner Bill Mitchell has worked in the camera department on a number of features you may have heard of...
Being John Malkovitch; Gladiator;The Big Lebowsk; Training Day; The Ring, Bride of Chucky; Men in Black 3; Baraka? He also works in commercials and tv and is a time-lapse specialist.

He will be joined by Lighting Designer Joe Dean who has worked on, Terminator Salvation; Sunshine Cleaning; The Legion; Tao of Steve. Joe also has produced award-winning video content for fulldome immersive spaces, and 3D visualizations since 2000 so it can offer a new perspective in video production.

The masterclass will be chaired by Phil Cowan, Cinematographer and Academic Leader, Film and Newport Film School.

This event is also open to BAFTA Cymru, CULT Cymru and RTS Cymru members as part of our collaboration policy.

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