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Gift of the Academy Bookings

04 May 12

Eligible charities are invited to apply to book space at BAFTA's London headquarters, 195 Piccadilly. Find out more...

1) Gift of the Academy Bookings are available to industry related Charities or not-for-profit organisations whose remits are both connected to our industries (film, television and video games) and whose events directly support BAFTA's charitable remit.

2) Only one Gift of the Academy booking will be given to an organisation each year.

3) The Gift of the Academy support will be considered as a partnership activity which helps further our own remit and will be accounted for as such in our financial statements.

4) The maximum value of bookings taken under the Gift of the Academy scheme in any one calendar year is £30,000.

5) Applications are invited throughout the year and these will be considered and approved in the October before the financial year in which the event will fall ie: in October 2012 for 2013 events. Therefore, it is important that prospective partners, both existing and new, are informed of the approval timetable to avoid disappointment.

6) There is no guarantee that an approved Gift of the Academy booking in one year will result in an approval the following year and we will seek to vary the partners in order to widen our support as much as possible.

7) All applications must include information about the event, an explanation of why the event fulfils our Gift of the Academy criteria and the latest audited accounts of the applicant. The financial standing of the applicant organisation will be taken into consideration when considering the application.

8) Applications will generally only be considered for events taking place in January, February, April, July, August and September, during the venues off peak periods. Requests outside of this period will be taken into consideration subject to the venues availability and the outcome of the Board on the individual applications.

9) The Corporate Event team is charged with summarising all applications, including summary financial information on the applicant organisation, in time for the October Board meeting when the applications will be considered.

10) The ‘Gift’ constitutes complimentary room hire as agreed by the Board based on the application submitted. All additional elements of the event would then be chargeable, including a minimum catering/beverage spend, AV facility charges, and any ancillary products (e.g. flowers). A contract would be drawn up and signed for these elements and deposits/payments required accordingly.

Please send completed forms to:

We’ll acknowledge your application and let you know the timescale required to process and assess your request. We aim to respond to all applications within three working days of receiving your form.