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Monty Python Special Award
Discover the latest BAFTA events in New York and the East Coast.

BAFTA in New York's screenings and events provide exclusive and very popular opportunities to participate in dozens of annual Q&A sessions with some of the industry’s leading talents, including actors, directors, writers and producers at private members only screenings.

As the screening season speeds up through to the end of the year Members are presented with literally dozens of new and largely un-previewed movies which will eligible for BAFTA Awards in the following February.

Members are always encouraged to attend theater screenings, which are provided by studios and distributors, as the premier movie-going experience, but for those who cannot attend all of the screenings DVDS of most titles are provided to Full members who will have to cast their ballots in the December-January voting season.

We grateful to the many distributors, studios and PR companies for providing the screenings and DVDS.