Bafta New York

Welcome to the BAFTA In New York website

28 February 11

The new BAFTA in New York website has launched and we welcome all our New York members. We have extended coverage, more stories, more news, more details of our upcoming events.

You will still find the fast and easy links to Registration and Membership. Feel free to explore. Our Chairman Gillian Rose explains more...

Welcome to our new website.

The integration with the other BAFTA branches which we announced last year is now complete - we have a new site, a new look and even a new name. BAFTA East Coast has been replaced by BAFTA in New York. It’s official!

Migrating the best of our old website onto one BAFTA platform has gone relatively smoothly although, with so many screenings and events at the end of 2010 and an unexpectedly busy start to the beginning of 2011, it proved to be more challenging in terms of continuity and timing than any of us imagined. I have to thank my colleague Jill Hawkins for the many long hours she has spent making this happen. What is so wonderful about the new site is that our members can easily find out not only what their own BAFTA branch is doing but can check on activities in LA or London, Scotland or Wales, in case they want to attend events there.

I returned recently from London where, along with Chief Executive Christina Thomas, we had a full day of Leadership meetings, hosted by BAFTA Chairman Tim Corrie. The agenda included the recruitment of voting members for the Television and Video Game Awards; the work we can do collectively in education and outreach, remembering that BAFTA is a registered charity and part of our mission is to be active in this area. We still need to improve communication between branches although here in New York we feel that this has improved dramatically during the last six months, particularly our interaction with London and LA. We discussed global sponsorship opportunities and of course events.

Our BAFTA President, HRH Prince William, has some “commitments” this spring but we hope that one day he will come to New York for a BAFTA celebration. With such a vibrant and exciting industry here in New York it would be our privilege to host him in that capacity.

If there are any kinks in the new site, bear with us as we work them out. And remember that as a member of BAFTA in New York, you are part of a larger BAFTA family and we anticipate that the chapters together will accomplish much in the months and years to come.