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Membership Mentoring Program

03 August 10

BAFTA Los Angeles operates an excellent Mentoring program for BAFTA members to assist with navigating project-specific hurdles.

Rather than a general career counseling service, if you are a BAFTA Member and have a specific obstacle with your current project, the program offers the opportunity to meet an expert from our membership for specific guidance and advice.

The program offers an initial one-on-one meeting with a talented and experienced colleague, with future meetings at the discretion of the mentor.

So how do you use it?

Members can submit a request in writing for mentoring assistance, detailing the specific area in which you need help, and the time frame in which the services are requested. The request must also include a detailed resume.

Applications will be screened by the Committee and forwarded to an appropriate mentor. After the mentor has been located, an initial meeting will be held at a time and place to be mutually agreed. Additional meetings will be at the discretion of the Mentor.
As a means of developing the program for future participants, we request that both the mentor and the member give written reports of the meeting to the Committee.

If you are a current BAFTA Member and interested in using this opportunity (or would like to offer your mentoring services), please submit your application to the BAFTA Los Angeles office here .

Please note, while every effort will be made to find a suitable Mentor, the Committee cannot guarantee that one will be available and provided.