Bafta Los Angeles

Gallery: BAFTA Los Angeles Student Short Film Festival 2011

Thursday 16 June

On June 16, 2011 Members and Guests gathered at the LA Film School to watch the eight finalists and vote for the 2011 winner. The 8 films were selected by the Education and Outreach Committee Jury from 38 submissions from 12 Southern California Film Schools.

The first-place film was Le Jeu Des Soldats, by American Film Institute student Lorne Hiltser. Second place went to Kirsten Lepore's Bottle. Our Runner Up finalists were En Tiempo De Guerra (Brian Parada), Selene (Alik Barsouman), American Sweetheart (Karin Binato), Fig (Ryan Coogler), Switchboard (Ambika Leigh), IR (Kelsi Ephraim).

The BAFTA Los Angeles Student Film Festival is an annual event celebrating the works of the next generation of filmmakers, and provides the opportunity for the first-placed filmmaker to attend BAFTA events, seminars and screenings for a year to support their filmmaking career during this early stage.