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Learning & Events

23 March 11

Our Los Angeles Learning and Events program serves to educate and inform with a year-round program of professional development and exploration of current industry trends.

Find out more about how BAFTA Los Angeles serves to advance and educate those working in the various disciplines of the Film, Television and allied industries.

Behind Closed Doors

Distinguished, award-winning filmmakers join us for career-spanning interviews before a live theatre audience, chronicling their lives in the film and television industry. Guests have included Kathryn Bigelow, Ronald Neame, Sir Ian McKellen and Ben Affleck.

Ben Affleck: On casting local Actors and real-life residents in films Play Video

Learn more about Behind Closed Doors HERE


Experts lend members their expertise on hot-topic issues such as work-flow for digital post production, music licensing for film, and trends in distribution. BAFTA Los Angeles also presents seminars as part of its outreach mission for leading industry events such as the American Film Market and the Pan African Film Festival.


Small, intimate roundtable discussions with an important filmmaker or entertainment industry specialist. Topics have included the art of film comedy with director Paul Mazursky, the new methods of post-production with Sara Romily and the challenges of indie producing with Celine Rattray ("The Kids Are All Right").

Technical Demonstrations

Putting theory and technique into practice, popular hands-on demonstrations have included advances in 3D technology and techniques for shooting documentary interviews.

Member Short Film Showcase

Short films have long provided filmmakers from all disciplines with the opportunity to experiment with new techniques, expand their repertoire, or work with subject matter that may be better suited to a short film format.

To promote and advance original and creative work, BAFTA Los Angeles provides an annual opportunity for members to collaborate on short film projects with their peers.

Membership Mentoring Program

BAFTA Los Angeles operates an excellent Mentoring program for BAFTA members to assist with navigating project-specific hurdles.

Full details and application details are available here .