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Fourth Annual NY Pub Quiz Master Mark Steatham BAFTA NY

Fourth Annual Pub Quiz: In the End, Everyone Won!

29 May 12

The Fourth Annual BAFTA New York Pub Quiz was held at The Parlour pub on West 30th on Tuesday, May 29th. This event has become so popular that 16 tables were full up with eager quiz teams vying for the top prizes. But of course, the members and their guests were really playing for the only prize that mattered: Pride.

How fierce it was; Marc Steatham was once again our quiz master, this time assisted to great effect by Sarah Ball who did all the excellent visual questions (guess who is behind the BAFTA mask?!). These rounds proved to be thematic, dramatic AND difficult. Many a dream was dashed on losing this round! In fact Richard M. Nixon let down a slew of people once again by failing to be a proper answer. Typical.

Pub Quiz Poster
BAFTA New York
Marc kept the room going with his pithy patter and off-the-cuff retorts to cries of "Repeat the question!" from the masses. The quiz was broken down to thematic rounds of 5 questions, and there was a break for more drink, bar snacks and brain for the next half.

Winners and Not-Quite Winners

The winners were "221b" with 39 points
Joint 2nd : "Downton Savvies" and "Lazenby or Not" with 38 points
Joint 3rd : 5 teams! with 35 points each

The prestigious (and useful) last place wooden spoons went in a tie to two teams who asked to remain nameless.

Thank you to the excellent BAFTA NY Crew

Quizmaster/organiser - Marc Steatham
Assistant Quizmistress/organiser - Sarah Ball
Volunteer - John Kayser
Organiser - Lisa Harrison

If you missed this, you really missed a good one! Be sure and sign up for next year, and start thinking of a terminally clever team name NOW - It's never too early.

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