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BAFTA New York - Salutes all New Yorkers - Screenings are returning

03 November 12

BAFTA New York supports New York and salutes all New Yorkers

BAFTA New York supports New York, all New Yorkers and all of our BAFTA Members. Nothing will change the extraordinary and devastating aftermath of the superstorm which barrelled into New Jersey and New York, on Monday night, impacting every borough and most lives. We have heard extraordinary stories of the determination and will of New Yorkers to try to get back some kind of normality, wherever possible.
We hope you are all safe and starting to recover. We wish all of our members the very best.

We're happy to be part of some better news - starting next week screenings will be back and we hope we will be able to re-schedule every screening we cancelled.

SKYFALL is now re-scheduled November 15, 2012
BEASTS OF THE SOUTHERN WILD is re-scheduled to Monday November 26, 2012

END OF WATCH with Q&A - December TBC

Upcoming Screenings include:

Anna Karenina - November 8, 2012
Rise of the Guardians - November 11, 2012 TBC
Rust and Bone
Silver Linings Playbook
Les Miserables
Moonrise Kingdom with Q&A
The Hobbit
Jack Reacher

We salute New York!
See you all soon...