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Code of Conduct for Screenings and Events

1.   Members are asked not to register for a screening unless they are reasonably certain that they will attend.
2.   Screenings with Q&As are a single event. Members may not leave until the Q&A has clearly finished and BAFTA Q&A guests have left.
3.   Cancellations for members and guests will be closed at 5pm on the day before the screening. For weekend and screenings, the cutoff time is noon on Friday. Members who do not cancel prior to this time will be recorded as no-shows. 
4.   Two no-shows or three cancellations within a thirty-day period will result in a member being blocked for at least thirty days from being able to register for screenings or events until 48 hours prior to the event.  Repeat offenses will result in a 90-day suspension online registration privileges.
5.   No-shows and cancellations shall be counted by the number of screenings or events missed. Excessive guest cancellations may be subject to review.
6.   Members should not register unnamed guests. More than two occasions when guests cancel or seats not taken that have been booked will be counted as if the member has cancelled.
7.   Members are responsible for making sure that they and their guests are checked in, so that they will not be counted as no-shows.
8.   All guests should be registered, named and accompanied. Unaccompanied or unregistered guests will not be able to enter the screening or event under any circumstances. BAFTA New York is not responsible for members who are late and has no obligations of any kind to admit guests to the screening or event.
9.   All registrations are made online and the check in will normally be made electronically using an iPad or similar device.
10.  Children under 5 years of age may not be registered and will not be able to see the film, unless BAFTA New York has specifically made it clear that younger children will be able to see the film.
 11.  Many screenings will have security and all names will be required to be entered into a master security list. The invitation will make it clear when names are required or cannot be changed. Due to these security requirements no name changes can be made less than 24 hours before these screenings.
12.  Reservations may be made on the day of a screening. A printed confirmation will be required if a registration is made after noon.
13.  Members will be required to show their current BAFTA membership card at check-in and a confirmation will additionally be required if a reservation was made on the day of the screening.  They should be prepared also to show a valid photo ID if asked. 
14.  All screenings will start at the scheduled start time.  The check in system is automated and closed five (5) minutes before the scheduled screening time. Once closed, members may not request or demand that the registration records are changed or altered. That member will be counted as a no-show.
15.  Members arriving late may not be allowed into the screening or event.
16.  Members may not take notes, take photographs or record any Q&As (including use the use of smartphones,  cameras or any other devices) or Tweet from a Q&A. BAFTA screenings are usually shown to members prior to Press and media reviews and should therefore be regarded as press embargoed; details and spoilers sent from a BAFTA screening could damage the relationship between a studio/distributor and is a breach of the Code of Conduct.
17.  Inappropriate behavior by Members or their guests is not acceptable.  Any Member who has an issue at a BAFTA screening or event may take the matter up with a Screening Committee member or Board member in attendance, or afterwards via email sent to: [email protected]