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Upcoming Events

Find out what events are coming up in on the BAFTA New York program schedule over the next few months. 

Members only screenings are listed below – Film Voting Members are always encouraged to attend theater screenings, which are provided by studios and distributors, as the premier movie-going experience: .  In some cases special event films will be screened exclusively for Members using new film and special effect projections. 

Click here to register for BAFTA New York events screenings and events, or the event specific link in the Upcoming Events listing.

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BAFTA New York Film Awards Party

BAFTA New York invites members and their guests to the EE British Academy Film Awards Party. Join us for dinner and drinks as we live-stream the ceremony from Covent Garden, London.
Sunday, 8 February 2015 - 3:00pm
New York City