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Codes of Conduct

The Codes of conduct for all BAFTA New York members

The Code of Conduct for all BAFTA In New York Members is in two parts. The overall BAFTA Code of Conduct for all Members and the Sub-Code which is determined by the BAFTA in New York Board.

The BAFTA New York Sub Code:

In addition to adhering to the overall Code of Conduct of the British Academy of Film and Television Arts Every member of the British Academy of Film and Television Arts in New York (“BAFTA in New York”) will abide by the following Sub-Code specific to the New York branch.

Application and interpretation of the Sub-Code of Conduct will be determined by the Board of BAFTA in New York in its sole discretion. Any member not adhering to these principles and policies may be subject to review by the Board and may face disciplinary action, including but not limited to suspension or termination of their membership, in accordance with the bylaws of the Academy and additionally as defined in this Sub-Code of BAFTA in New York.

In the event of a discrepancy between the overall BAFTA Code of Conduct and the Sub-Code of BAFTA in New York regarding conduct and penalties related to BAFTA in New York events and general conduct, the Sub-Code shall prevail.

Comments or questions may be brought to the attention of BAFTA in New York in writing, by email, or by telephone, directed to the Chairman or Chief Executive of BAFTA in New York, or if relating to a specific committee’s activities, to the chair(s) of that committee.
Every member of BAFTA in New York will, at all times:

  • Pay their dues within two months of their renewal date. All paying members will receive ample email reminders regarding their renewal.
  • Note that BAFTA in New York membership cards are for the use of the member only and are not transferable. They may not be altered or duplicated, nor loaned or given to other parties including family members, friends, or members of the press.

Screenings and Other Events

  • Members are asked not to register for a screening unless they are reasonably certain that they will attend, as reserving seats they will not be using prevents other Members from being able to register.
  • Cancellations for members and guests will be closed at midnight prior to the screening. For weekend screenings, the cutoff time is noon on Friday. Members who do not cancel prior to this time will be recorded as no-shows.
  • Two no-shows or three cancellations within a thirty-day period will result in a member being blocked for at least thirty days from being able to register for screenings or events until 48 hours prior to the event. Repeat offences will result in a 90-day suspension of early registration privileges.
  • No-shows and cancellations shall be counted by the number of screenings or events missed, not the total number of seats reserved. However, persistent and excessive guest cancellations will be subject to review.
  • Members generally need not worry about changing a guest’s name on the RSVP list if there is a late switch. However in certain circumstances, for security purposes, the name of the guest will be required to be entered into a master security list. The invitation will make it clear when names are required.
  • A printed confirmation will be required if a registration is made on the day of the screening or event.
  • Members will be required to show their current BAFTA membership card at check-in and a confirmation will additionally be required if a reservation was made on the day of the screening. They should be prepared also to show a valid photo ID if asked.
  • Members are responsible for making sure that they and their guests are checked in, so that they will not be counted as no-shows.
  • All screenings will start at the scheduled start time. The check-in desk will close five minutes before start time to allow everyone to find a seat. If the check-in desk has closed when a member arrives, that member will be counted as a no-show. Members may not request or demand that their name be checked off on the reservation list after the check-in desk has closed.
  • Inappropriate behavior by Members or their guests is not acceptable. Any Member who has an issue at a BAFTA screening or event may take the matter up with a Screening Committee member or Board member in attendance, or afterwards via email sent to [email protected]

For Full Members

For the purposes of voting for the British Academy Awards, BAFTA provides distributors with a mailing list of voting Full members for distribution of materials such as screeners and screening invitations. “Screeners” includes both material sent to members on DVD, and material made available online for streaming or downloading.

Voting members of BAFTA in New York agree to abide by the Academy’s Code of Conduct regarding screeners.

A member who does not exercise his or her vote may not be eligible to receive screeners in the future.