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BAFTA New York Board Elections 2018

This year’s BAFTA New York Board Elections will be conducted in November 2018. We currently have eleven (11) Directors who each chair, vice chair or participate in at least one of our four Board Committees.

There will be three (3) Board seat vacancies all of which will be run At Large instead of for a specific Committee. This does not reduce the necessity to populate Board Committees with qualified Directors who have experience and specific specialist skills in each of the committee sectors, or as Officers such as Secretary or Treasurer. The final results will be based on total votes cast for each individual candidate.

With our colleagues around the world, we are advancing BAFTA’s position as a truly global organization, particularly by bringing the skills and expertise of our Board and Staff teams in Los Angeles, New York and London closer together. Discussions continue around more formally aligning the US branches, and further strengthening their overall relationship to the BAFTA headquarters in London, and they are progressing well. In fact, we had a new development this summer when the BAFTA AGM voted to expand the number of BAFTA Trustees, and the BAFTA Board has now invited New York Chair, Arianna Bocco, and Los Angeles Chair, Kieran Breen, to become BAFTA Trustees. This will help the US teams be even more connected to discussions and debates in London, and ensure there is another forum to explore and make plans together. This of course might impact BAFTA New York Board terms at some point in the future. We will update you on those discussions when we have a framework to present.

Committee Information
Children’s Committee
Educational Outreach
Screening Committee
Social, Digital and Interactive Media

The Chair of each Committee will be elected by members of the existing Committee or by the Executive Committee. If you have special interests or relevant experience, please consider applying.

Candidates for the Board

Current Directors who are eligible for re-election and wish to run again; 
Current BAFTA New York Full or Professional Members in good standing identified by the Election Committee who have specific experience and skills needed in Committees (often members who have contributed to BAFTA New York Committees); 
Qualified Full or Professional BAFTA New York Members in good standing who wish to self-nominate (see self-nomination rules below).


Any eligible BAFTA New York member can apply to be considered for the Board who fulfils the requirements or can show they have the experience required. Eligibility extends to any current BAFTA New York member who:

  • has been a member in good standing during the past year (although a minimum of two years of membership is recommended); 
  • has not been suspended for less than 30 days or subject to any other disciplinary action in the two years prior to the effective date of the election; 
  • has not been suspended for more than 30 days at any time.

Each self-nomination must be supported and then confirmed by two other Full or Professional Members of BAFTA New York – a Proposer and a Seconder. Members may only propose one candidate and second one candidate in each election year.

Self-nominated candidates are responsible for providing accurate contact information for their Proposer and Seconder, who will be contacted by the Election Committee. Once verified, the self-nominator will receive an Application Form and a Candidate’s Briefing Document.

The Board’s Responsibility and Accountability to Members
A Director serves a 3-year term, with a limit of three (3) consecutive terms.

Each Director must be committed to attend monthly Board of Directors meetings and to serve as chair or vice chair of at least one Board committee. (The expectation is that Directors will make best efforts to attend each monthly meeting. If a potential candidate’s schedule does not permit regular attendance, that candidate might want to consider volunteering for a Committee where an equally valuable contribution may be made.)

All Directors must be committed to the following: 

  • Be informed of and implement the mission, goals, strategic direction, services, policies and programs of both BAFTA and BAFTA New York. 
  • Attend all or most Board Meetings in person, wherever possible. 
  • Develop future strategies and ensure resources, both financial and personnel are available to maintain future stability.
  • Establish and support financial policies and ensure accountability, which includes compliance with applicable laws and ethical standards, the monitoring of progress, and evaluating outcomes. 
  • Keep up-to-date on developments in fields of interest pertaining to BAFTA and BAFTA New York
  • Attend BAFTA New York special events whenever possible.
  • Read and understand the financial statements, by-laws and other pertinent documents of BAFTA New York for which the Board is responsible.
  • Follow conflict of interest and confidentiality policies.

Applications and Dates
If you are interested in running for the 2018 Board Elections or if you would like more information about how to run, please email [email protected].  Put the word “NOMINATION” in the subject line. Your inquiry will be forwarded to the Election Committee.

Notification that you wish to Self-Nominate must be received no later than Wednesday, 10th October, 2018, along with the names and contact information of your two Full or Professional Member Sponsors. Once Sponsors have been confirmed by the Election Committee, Application Forms will be sent by email to all Self Nominating candidates.

Fully completed Application forms for Self Nomination candidates must be received no later than Sunday, October 28th, 2018.

Key Dates 2018
Application Forms will be sent to candidates starting Monday 15th October, 2018 until Friday, October 26th, 2018.

All candidates should allow a minimum of (ten) 10 days from initial submission of their application to ensure that the Election Committee can properly review the application and discuss any questions, which may arise. All candidates should apply as soon as possible.

The last date by which a candidate can submit a final and completed application is Sunday, October 26th, 2018.  Once the final and completed application has been received, it will be set up in our online voting system.

Election Start Date: Sunday, November 4th, 2018
Election End Date: Friday, November 16th, 2018
Results: Tuesday, November 20th, 2018

Thank you for your participation,
BAFTA New York Election Committee 2018