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BAFTA New York Board Election 2018 - Results Announced

20 November 2018

Following the recent Board of Directors election, BAFTA New York is delighted to welcome new Director Betsy Rodgers, who will join re-elected Directors Lyn Familant and Luke Parker Bowles on the 2019 BAFTA New York Board.

BAFTA New York extends thanks to Board member Doug Schwalbe, who will leave the Board in December.

The 2019 Vice Chair, Secretary and Treasurer will be elected by the Board at the next Board meeting in December 2018.

The full Board, starting January 1st, 2019, is listed below: 

Arianna Bocco 
Lyn Familant
Lisa Honig
Barry Dale Johnson
Maria Ishak
Linda Kahn
Melinda Matlin
Luke Parker Bowles
Dee Poku
Celine Rattray
Betsy Rodgers