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About BAFTA New York Membership

Find out about the range of membership options at BAFTA in New York.

There are several membership categories for people based in New York and the surrounding area.

Memberships are divided between FULL and ASSOCIATE. Full members enjoy worldwide privileges with BAFTA and are eligible to vote in elections and for our awards.

Membership Prices are listed at the bottom of this page

Full (US branch) Membership

Full Membership of BAFTA including additional benefits with BAFTA in New York

This category is available to individuals who:

  • Are based in the US and have been working full time for at least five years in a creative, technical or executive role directly related to the production of feature films, video games and television programming released in the UK.
  • Have made a significant contribution to their sector of the industry

Other criteria apply, please click here for more information

Full members are entitled to:

  • all rights of benefits of membership with BAFTA including voting in the Awards.
  • additional rights and benefits with BAFTA in New York
  • attend BAFTA screenings and events in New York

Full membership applications are considered annually and are awarded at the discretion of the BAFTA Board. The annual deadline for Full membership applications is 31 March.

Please note, the number of Full members is capped and places are very limited. In addition, restrictions on voting rights may apply for new members and members outside the UK (more details available at the link below)

Associate Membership

In the Associate category, applications are accepted in three sub-categories. All applications are submitted online.

Associate (Professional) Membership

This category is available to those who:

  • Have a minimum of 5 years professional experience in the film, television or video games industries or any field directly related to them

Are not eligible for Full BAFTA membership, or

  • are eligible, but not interested in the additional benefits of Full membership.

These members are entitled to:

  • Attend the events and screenings held in New York.
  • All New York-based benefits


Associate (Young Professional) Membership

This category is open to those who are currently employed in an entry- or support- level position connected with the film, television, video games, or related interactive industries. Associate (Young Professional) memberships are reviewed annually, and members are given the opportunity to upgrade their membership once they have gained the requisite experience. Associate (Young Professional) memberships are generally limited to five years.

These members are entitled to:

  • Attend most events held in New York.
  • Other New York-based benefits


Associate (Student) Membership

This category is offered to full time students of film, television and multimedia. Applicants should provide the name and number of their academic advisor in lieu of a member-sponsor.

These members are entitled to:

  • Attend selected events and screenings
  • Other New York-based benefits


Membership Rates 2011/12

Membership category Rate
Full (US branch) Membership $300
Associate (Professional) Membership $250
Associate (Young Professional) Membership $150
Associate (Student) Membership $75

For new Full and Associate (Professional) Members an additional joining fee of $150 is applicable. This is waived for new Associate (Young Professional) and Student Members, and for any individual who has been nominated for a British Academy Award.