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About BAFTA New York Membership

Our membership is at the very heart of what we do, so we strive to ensure that it represents the breadth and depth of the ever-changing film, games and television industries.

The British Academy of Film and Television Arts is comprised of creatives and professionals working in and making a contribution to the film, games and television industries in the UK. Over the last several years, the Academy's Full membership has grown to approximately 7,500 professionals worldwide.

BAFTA relies on income from membership subscriptions, individual donations, trusts, foundations and corporate partnerships to support its ongoing outreach work. 

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This category is available to individuals who have made a significant contribution to their sector of the industry and are based in the US, working full time for at least five years in a creative, technical or executive role directly related to the production of feature films, games and television programming released in the UK. Full Members have access to BAFTA screenings, events and benefits worldwide, and the ability to request voting for the BAFTA Awards for their approved sector; Film, Games or Television. Full membership applications are considered annually each Spring, and are awarded at the discretion of the BAFTA UK Board. The annual deadline for Full membership applications is March 31 of each year. 

Other criteria apply. Please click here for more information about the eligibility requirements and how to submit an application.


There are two types of Branch Memberships within BAFTA New York - Professional and Young Professional. Branch Members are entitled to attend our screenings and events in New York, in addition to the various other exclusive Membership Benefits but are not eligible to vote for the BAFTA Awards.


This category is available to those who are not eligible for Full Membership but are currently employed in the industry and have a minimum of 5 years professional experience in the film, games or television industries in New York or on the East Coast.

Click here to apply for BAFTA New York Professional Membership

Young Professional

This category is open to those who are currently employed in an entry or support level position related to the film, games or television industries in New York or on the East Coast. Young Professional memberships are reviewed annually and members are given the opportunity to upgrade their membership once they have gained the requisite experience. Young Professional memberships are generally limited to four years.

Click here to apply for BAFTA New York Young Professional Membership

Meeting the above requirements does not guarantee acceptance of Membership. The criteria set forth above should be understood to be the minimum requirements but not necessarily sufficient in and of themselves. The Committees' evaluation of the foregoing shall be in its good-faith discretion subject to review and ratification by the Board of Directors.

Membership Rates 2017/2018

  • Full Membership                                 $400
  • Professional Membership                  $350
  • Young Professional Membership      $200

For new Full and Professional Members an additional initiation fee of $150 is applicable. This is waived for new Young Professionals and for any individual who has been nominated for a British Academy Award.