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PBS Under Threat: An Exclusive Panel

8 June 2011

BAFTA New York is convening an exclusive Television Panel of PBS experts for the upcoming debate:
PBS UNDER THREAT: Public Service in a Changing Media World

When we had just three broadcast networks, the role of PBS was clear

. Today there are up to 1,000 channels, so why do we need public service broadcasting? Many say we need it more than ever because only non-commercial stations can provide the sort of programming that PBS provides. Others say the economics just don’t add up and public service broadcasting will inevitably die. Is it too late to save, and if not, how can it be funded into the future? Can we learn anything from the BBC in the UK? Join us to hear a top panel address the future of PBS, a subject close to the heart of media professionals everywhere.

Panel Includes

Paula Apsell, Senior Executive Producer of NOVA, at WGBH;Paula Apsell (116.1 KB)

Stephen Segaller, Vice President Programming at Thirteen; Stephen Segaller (44.5 KB)

Ric Burns, Award Winning Documentarian, including the highly acclaimed New York series;Ric Burns (51.5 KB)

Chris Carr,SVP,Channel Operations, BBC Worldwide: Christopher Carr (26.4 KB)

Moderated by Charles Tremayne

Charles Tremayne (31.3 KB)