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Gallery: Titanic Remembered

2 April 2012
Harlene Freezer, Charles Tremayne. Christina ThomasJoan Katz/BAFTA New York

On Tuesday, March 27 2012, the BAFTA New York Television Committee outdid itself with this first-class event commemorating the sinking of the mighty ship Titanic just shy of 100 years ago on April 14, 1912.

Held at the Jane Hotel in the West Village in the very room where the surviving Titanic crew held a memorial service four days after the tragedy occurred, two episodes of the ITV production Titanic were screened.   Guests sat in various plush seating arrangements in the lovely room that is laid out much like a first class lounge on an old luxury liner. The evening kicked off with a lovely cocktail reception.

 TV Committee Chair, Charles Tremayne MC’d with his usual convivial and off-the-cuff humor.   Titanic screenwriter, Sir Julian Fellowes (Downton Abbey) had recorded a video message to be played right after the screening, but due to technical difficulties, only the audio worked and we were treated to what played like a live radio broadcast from England.  The glitch added to the ambiance is a wonderful way.  Lead Actor Linus Roache and producers Simon Vaughn and Nigel Stafford-Clark were on hand for a very informative Q & A.   Nigel dispelled Titanic myths, Simon spoke about raising the funds and Linus was amazingly charming and spoke about the direction he took in preparing for the role of a pre-WWI aristocrat.

This event will go down in the BAFTA New York history books for its perfect storm of timing, talent, venue and convivial, yet respectful spirit.   
Many thanks to our Event Sponsors, Tourism Ireland, Bulldog, MPE, NI Bureau, ITV Studios

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