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Gallery: Brits Who Cracked America with Simon Andreae, Frances Berwick and Michael Davies

13 May 2014

Featuring panelists Simon Andreae, Frances Berwick, and Michael Davies and moderator Rob Sharenow

On Tuesday, May 13, BAFTA New York welcomed guests to the launch of BRITS WHO CRACKED AMERICA, a new interview series celebrating British talent currently at the forefront of television in America.

The panel, seated onstage at lower Manhattan’s stylish Crosby Street Hotel, delved into their respective British pasts and American presents – and how the different cultures play out in their professional lives. Intellectually stimulating and also highly entertaining, the evening had speakers and audience all “cracking up” frequently as the panelists played off verbally against one another.

The participants were:
Simon Andreae, Executive VP of Alternative Entertainment at Fox Broadcasting Company, who currently oversees the network’s slate of unscripted and special programming and leads the development team on unscripted fare.
Frances Berwick, President of Bravo and Oxygen Media, who spearheads the day-to-day operations of both brands and has strategic oversight of production, development, programming, program planning, marketing, research, digital and communications.
Michael Davies, President, Embassy Row, a NY and LA based television and digital production company owned by Sony Pictures Entertainment whose many recent TV credits include: Watch What Happens Live, hosted by Andy Cohen (Bravo); (Bravo); and Talking Bad and Talking Dead(AMC).

Moderator Rob Sharenow, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Lifetime, oversees all programming, acquisitions, consumer marketing, strategic planning, and brand development for Lifetime.

Discussion veered from thoughtful observations about the two cultures to hilarious barbs about do-nothing producers. It covered differing production styles, program pacing and exposition, debates over what is truly British or American, and the curious – but unexplained! – fact that all three panelists were graduates of the University of Edinburgh.

BRITS WHO CRACKED AMERICA is a new BAFTA New York series in which guests discuss their own paths to success and the hurdles they may have encountered while breaking into the changing American television market.