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The Board

Board Members can serve up to three, three year terms. Board Elections are held annually and voted by the Full members of BAFTA New York.

The Chairman is elected by the Board for a two year term, running first as Vice Chairman and then as chairman. The Executive Board consists of The Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer and the Chief Executive.

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Charles Tremayne

Vice Chairman

Luke Parker Bowles


Vernon Chu


Jeff Cotugno

Board of Directors

Liza Burnett Fefferman

Patrick Connolly

Linda Kahn

Meryl Katz

Matthew Kearney

Susan Margolin

Dee Poku

Celine Rattray

Doug Schwalbe

Molly Thompson

Maria Zuckerman

Legal Advisor

Neil Rosini

Chief Executive

Christina Thomas

Communications Director

Jill Hawkins

PR Consultant

Marlea Willis