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Charles Tremayne, Chairman

Charles Tremayne was elected to the Executive Committee as Vice Chairman, BAFTA New York in July 2012 and as Chairman in July 2013

I have been a television professional for 30 years, working in both Britain and America, and contributing programs to the BBC, ITV, ABC, HBO, PBS and all major cable channels in the USA. In the UK, I was part of the team which made five programs that led to the release of the Birmingham Six, who had been falsely accused of an IRA bombing. For six years, I was the executive producer of World in Action, contributed to Michael Apted’s long running 7 UP series, and oversaw numerous documentaries. I came to New York in 2000 to start a joint venture with the New York Times, producing documentaries for PBS, including Nova and Frontline, as well as 20 films for A&E’s Investigative Reports. Other well known series include The First 48 for A&E and American Pickers for the History Channel. I am the winner of 3 Royal Television Society Journalism Awards, an Emmy Award for Nova, and was nominated for the BAFTA Documentary Award for our work with the Birmingham Six.

Over the last three years that I chaired the Television Committee we have evolved a clear strategy to complement film screenings with television events, mainly in spring when the Bafta schedule is more clear. Our Masterclass series have attracted some high profile panelists and good audiences who also enjoyed the networking social events that followed each panel. We have partnered with SONY for a special 3D technology session for producers, and featured screenings for events as diverse as the anniversary of the Titanic disaster at the historic Jane Hotel, enjoyed the hospitality of the British Consultate for the Queen's Jubilee, analyzed the hit series Top Gear, and enjoyed the screening of the BAFTA sitcom nominees at the Friars Club.
As we look ahead to 2013 we hope to be able to continue what we started by making BAFTA the best destination for provocative and stimulating debate about the future of television, both here and around the world.