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Muslims Like Us - Winners' acceptance speech, Reality and Constructed Factual, Virgin TV British Academy Television Awards in 2017

14 May 2017

Winner's acceptance speech on behalf of Kieran Smith, Nicholas Packer, Oliver Manley, and Mobeen Azhar for Muslims Like Us in the Reality and Constructed Factual category

MOBEEN AZHAR:  Hello, everyone.  I am Mobeen Azhar, the series producer.  When we started working on Muslims Like Us, the whole objective was to allow audiences to see and hear the conversations that go on in the Muslim community every day, and the only reason we were able to do that is because we had a truly diverse team.  From the brave commissioning of Fatima Salaria at the BBC, to people like the casting producer, Farah Qayum. We had a team, and from the top to the bottom, there were people with knowledge of, and who were rooted in, the Muslim community.  And in an industry that sometimes doesn't quite deliver when it comes to diversity, I think that is a really great thing.  So thank you to everyone at Love, at the BBC.  Thank you to everyone. Mehreen, if you could say a couple of words ...

MEHREEN BAIG:  I am Mehreen.  I was one of the contributors on Muslims Like Us. There are 1.6 billion Muslims around the world and we knew it was impossible for the ten of us to represent  every single one of them.  But Muslims Like Us, the  message behind it is not confined to one community; regardless of your race or your religion, we need to write our own narrative and we need to stand up for what we believe in. So thank you, BBC, Love, for being brave enough in the current climate to provide us with that platform; BAFTA, for supporting our show; and my wonderful family who, despite the stereotypes, have always encouraged me to be a strong woman, who has a voice and uses it to make a change.  Thank you.


ZOHRA KHAKU:  Hello, I'm Zohra.  Just a quick one from me. I just want to say I was really proud to be part of a programme which, in this day and age, still needed to remind people that Muslims are not a monolithic set of people.  So thank you very much.