Bafta Los Angeles

Meet our Staff

30 August 12

BAFTA Los Angeles is pleased to welcome three new members of staff to the organization. Wayne Watkins, Lisa Ogdie and Meghan Pleticha have joined Donald Haber, Matthew Wiseman and Ciaran Toner and together serve as the organization’s full time staff, working in collaboration with our Board of Director and Committees on all of BAFTA Los Angeles’ functions.

In a new position for BAFTA Los Angeles, Wayne Watkins has been hired as our first Sponsorship Development Director. Wayne oversees the relationships with our sponsors and partners, identifying and securing new corporate and event partners for our programs.

Lisa Ogdie joins the team as Membership Coordinator and will be the point of contact for membership applications, renewals and questions. Lisa will also work with several of our vendors and sponsors to aid in the smooth running of our events.

Meghan Pleticha will support the entire office team as the new Administrative Assistant, and has quickly become a familiar face to those members who attend our screenings, events, and serve on our various committees.

Ciaran Toner continues his time on staff as Office Production Coordinator. Ciaran coordinates production and post-production for BAFTA Los Angeles's major events, as well as its seminars, salons, interviews and panels. He also assists coordinating production of our charitable projects.

Matthew Wiseman serves as our Operations Manager, overseeing the extensive day-to-day operations of the office, the implantation of the Board’s directives, and the management and development of many ongoing programs such as our screenings series, awards, learning events and our membership functions.

Donald Haber continues as our Executive Director and Chief Operating Officer, bringing a wealth of experience and expertise to round out the talented and dedicated BAFTA Los Angeles team.

Our staff are readily available to answer your enquiries, so please do feel able to contact our office team with any questions you may have.