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BAFTA Los Angeles TV Tea 2014

Published on Sunday 24 August 2014

Actress Sofia Milos signs the TV party arrivals board

BAFTA Los Angeles celebrated a year of achievements in television at the annual TV Tea.

Britannia Awards: Rob Brydon

Published on Wednesday 20 August 2014

Welsh comedian Rob Brydon played host to the evenings proceedings

BAFTA Los Angeles is pleased to announce the host for Los Angeles' flagship event on October 30, 2014.

Inner City Cinema: Summer Screenings

Published on Tuesday 19 August 2014

Inner City Cinema

The Inner City Cinema project, one of BAFTA Los Angeles' outreach initiatives, has continued this summer with a series of sports-themed film screenings.

Nigel Daly

Published on Monday 16 June 2014

Nigel Daly

BAFTA Los Angeles is pleased to report that Chairman of the Board of Directors Nigel Daly has been awarded an OBE in the Queen's Birthday Honors.

Student Film Awards 2014

Published on Wednesday 21 May 2014

Chairman Nigel Daly OBE with winner Annie Silverstein

BAFTA Los Angeles is pleased to announce that the 2014 BAFTA Los Angeles Student Film Award was presented to Annie Silverstein for her film Skunk. In a rare double-win, Annie was also recipient of the Special Jury Prize.

Behind Closed Doors with Geoffrey Rush: Full Video

Published on Monday 05 May 2014

Behind Closed Doors with Geoffrey Rush. October 30, 2013.

BAFTA Los Angeles welcomed award-winning actor Geoffrey Rush to our Behind Closed Doors series.

Student Film Awards: Call for Jurors

Published on Friday 25 April 2014

Benjamin Fischinger, Austin Ray, Westin Ray, Tatiana DeKhtyar and Zack Sayenko (Into The Silent Sea).

As the latest opportunity in our Give Something Back initiative, we are seeking members to join the finalist selection panel for the 2014 BAFTA Los Angeles Student Film Awards, one of our major initiatives to support international emerging talents.

Shakespeare 450th Celebrations : VIDEO

Published on Thursday 17 April 2014

Tom Hanks Video

This year marks the 450th Anniversary of the birth of British playwright William Shakespeare, and in celebration BAFTA Los Angeles has been speaking with leading industry colleagues on the many screen adaptations throughout the years.

Alfred Hitchcock: Retrospective

Published on Wednesday 02 April 2014

Alfred Hitchcock in 1971

In partnership with the American Cinematheque, BAFTA Los Angeles is Co-Hosting a special retrospective screening of some classic works by legendary British filmmaker Alfred Hitchcock.

Arnold Schwartzman, OBE

Published on Wednesday 26 March 2014

Arnold Schwartzman Korea Peace Monument

BAFTA Los Angeles is pleased announce that former BAFTA Los Angeles Chairman and current Governor Arnold Schwartzman, OBE was selected to design the special United Nations Peace Monument in South Korea.

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