Bafta Los Angeles

The Clubhouse: The BAFTA Los Angeles Social Network

02 April 11

BAFTA Los Angeles operates a private social network called The Clubhouse specifically for our Members.

BAFTA Los Angeles Voting Members are invited to join our exclusive Social Media site called The Clubhouse.

Once signed up, you’ll be able to show members who you are and what you do by posting your reel, photos and music. You’ll be able to enlighten us by writing your own blog, or comment on others’.

If you have a topic to debate, you can form private or open membership groups with those of similar interest. If you have have news to share, you can promote your projects or invite others to your events. Looking to hire for an upcoming project? You can also solicit help on your projects in the Jobs Listings section.


In the Clubhouse, you’ll find lots of instructions and videos to help you navigate and take advantage of all the features that are available. If you are having trouble, click on the “Help” menu item at the top of every page where you will find tips and tricks, and contact details for the tech support team.


If you are a BAFTA Los Angeles Member, please complete the form below to receive an Invitation to join.

Once you submit your details, your request will be reviewed by a member of our New Media Committee. They will respond to your request shortly via Email.

Note: The Clubhouse is maintained by members of the New Media Committee who volunteer their time. Invitations are usually sent out within 24 hours.