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Newcomers Program

09 January 14

BAFTA Los Angeles Newcomers Program is aimed at UK industry professionals and students who work in or study film, television or games and have recently moved to Los Angeles.

Each participant is assigned a mentor from the BAFTA Los Angeles Membership, to help support and guide their transition to the US industry.

Members interested in serving as a mentor to one of our Newcomers are encouraged to contact us with offers of mentorship for our participants.

We see our Newcomers as the next wave of British Film, TV and Games professionals to make their mark in Hollywood, and many of our previous selections have indeed established themselves as familiar faces and names in the US.

Participants in our Newcomers Program are provided with mentoring opportunities, mixer events, educational seminars, and invitations to screenings and events. We encourage them to be actively involved in many of our events and programs, and to truly become part of the BAFTA Los Angeles family.

BAFTA Los Angeles is all to aware that professionals and students are most in need of support when they first arrive in Los Angeles from the UK, and believes that BAFTA is in a unique position to extend this supportive hand to them at this stage in their career.

We believe young people are most in need of support when they first arrive from the UK...

Applications for the Newcomers Program are accepted year-round, but are reviewed and accepted once per calendar year. If any Members are interested in serving on the review committee or providing mentoring, please send an email to with the words "Newcomers Committee" in the subject line.


The applicant must:

  • be a UK citizen,
  • be either: a full time student at a film, drama or other professional school connected with film, television, games, or
  • have full time employment (whether paid or unpaid, i.e., we include interns), or be working on a full time basis if self-employed, in film, television, games or related professions, and
  • Have lived in Southern California for less than 2 years. Time spent as a full time student in film, games or television arts related courses will not count towards these 2 years.

Applicants will be asked to attend an in-person interview and should be able to demonstrate his/her eligibility to the Committee. Factors to be considered will include academic qualifications, prior industry experience, the nature of the business where he/she is working and his/her position there, and generally whether this is an applicant who would benefit from an association with BAFTA Los Angeles, and vice versa. In short, we are looking for the next generation of our peers in their respective fields.

There is a two-year time limit on inclusion in the Program, subject to annual review. Annual renewal will not be automatic and will be contingent on the individual continuing to meet the basic criteria and demonstrating that they are benefiting from an association with BAFTA Los Angeles, and vice versa. In exceptional circumstances, an individual's participation in the Program may be terminated at any time by the Committee in its sole discretion. Those chosen for the Program will be asked to pay an annual fee of $125 (plus processing fee of $25). In addition, successful applicants will be asked to contribute as volunteers at events during their participation on the program.

There is currently a cap of 35 people in the Program at any one time.

If any of our Members know of any potential candidates for this Program, please forward this information to them. Any questions, comments or suggestions about the Program should be sent by email to with the words "Newcomers Committee" in the subject line.

Application Procedure

Please download our Application Form:
pdf BAFTA Los Angeles Newcomer Program Application (140 KB)

Applications must be completed fully before submitting to BAFTA Los Angeles. Completed Applications should be send to sent BAFTA Los Angeles at 8469 Melrose Ave., West Hollywood, CA 90069; or by email to BAFTA Los Angeles with the words "Newcomers Committee" in the subject line. No payment is required upon application so please do not send a check.

Applications are currently being accepted for our 2014 intake. The deadline to submit is April 30, 2014