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Screening Programme

The mission of the BAFTA in Los Angeles Screening Program is to present a broad and timely selection of appropriate films, with special emphasis on those either of British origin or with British creative elements, for the primary purpose of BAFTA Awards consideration. The Screenings Committee aggressively and continuously reviews, selects and pursues films well in advance of their release dates.

BAFTA appreciates the generous cooperation and assistance we receive from the studios, and each distributor has rightly adopted its own policy of making films available for screening, especially in connection with security and anti-piracy concerns. The membership should therefore keep in mind that some studios elect not to screen films prior to their general release, others elect not to screen films after they are already in general exhibition, and some films are simply not made available for screening at all.

Since all films ultimately screened are presented in order to make an informed decision on voting, whether the screening is prior to or after release is irrelevant to awards consideration.