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Board of Directors Election: Apply Now

7 September 2017

The BAFTA Los Angeles Board of Directors Election process is now underway and we are now inviting applications for eligible candidates. Full details regarding the process and the application forms are available below. 

BAFTA Los Angeles will elect two Members via Membership Election to the Board of Directors to each serve a 3-year term commencing January 2018. These individuals will become part of the 12-member Board.

A link to the candidate application form is available below, or is available by calling the BAFTA Los Angeles office at (323) 658-6590.

Note: Applications must be received no later than 12:00 Noon on Wednesday, September 20, 2017. 

Any current Full Voting Member of BAFTA Los Angeles who has (a) been a Full Member in good standing during the past year of BAFTA, and (b) has not previously served on the Board of Directors for more than six years in aggregate, whether consecutive or not, (c) has not been suspended for between 1-30 days in the two years prior to the effective date of the election, and (d) has not been suspended for more than 30 days at any time, is eligible to run.

Each candidate is required to complete an Application For Board Membership providing detailed information about their current occupation, professional or trade background and listing not-for-profit organizations, if applicable, with which they have worked.  Please be advised that applications will be checked for accuracy.

Candidates will be asked to indicate their particular skills in support of their application highlighting how their contribution and commitment as a Board member would enhance BAFTA Los Angeles’ mission. Board Members are also expected to contribute to the fundraising efforts of the organization. Candidates will also be invited to include an optional, simple headshot for inclusion in the election papers. Photographs are not mandatory though.

Applications will be reviewed by the Election Oversight Committee and, if eligible, submitted to the general membership for voting beginning in October 2016. Voting will be conducted online and the tabulation of votes handled by an independent election service. 

BAFTA LA’s nomination procedures afford all nominees a reasonable, equal and fair opportunity to communicate their qualifications to the members.  Prospective candidates are expected to conduct themselves in a collegial manner consistent with the spirit of the organization. Candidates will be provided with a designated opportunity to meet and talk with Members during the election period (anticipated to be the evening of September 28). The official election documents distributed by BAFTA and this hosted event represent the extent of the candidate’s election exposure.

Procedures do not permit the campaigning or soliciting of votes by any other means, including but not limited, the wearing or distributing of badges, social media postings, email or written solicitations, the use of events to solicit votes from members, or the dissemination of any visual or written materials. The penalty for contravention of these procedures by or upon authorization of a candidate will be the immediate withdrawal of that candidate’s name from the election. 


Eligible Full Voting BAFTA Los Angeles Members are invited apply by reviewing our procedures and downloading and submitting the Application Form before the deadline of 12.00 Noon on Tuesday, October 4, 2016.

To download the Application Form please click here: Election Application Form (MS Word Doc)

To download the Election Procedures please click here: Election Procedures (PDF)

If you have any difficutly downloading the attached forms, please call (323) 658-6590.

Your application must be received no later than 12:00 Noon on Wednesday, September 20, 2017 via email to [email protected].

Alternatively, completed forms may delivered by hand or by mail to the BAFTA Los Angeles Offices (5670 Wilshire Blvd #1220) providing they are delivered before this deadline.