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Student Film Award News: Julio Ramos

24 May 2013
Julio Ramos and Vanessa Knutson.BAFTA Los Angeles/Michael Kovac

We are excited to announce that the winning film of last year's BAFTA Los Angeles Student Film Award, 'A Doctor's Job' directed by Julio Ramos, has been acquired by PBS.

The film will air nationwide during the following times and on the following stations:

Film School Shorts - Episode 8 "Risky Business"

  • PBS OC and KLCS: Saturday, May 26 at 7.00pm

PBS OC and KLCS: Sunday, May 25 at 4.00am

On behalf of everyone at BAFTA Los Angeles we congratulate Julio on his success and sincerely wish him well in his career.

Winners of our Student Film Award receive one year's complimentary access to screenings, seminars and other events, allowing them exclusive access to our membership and additional learning tools as they transition from film school to professional life.

Stay tuned for more details on the 10th Annual Student Film Awards, scheduled for June 20, 2013.