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Board of Directors Election for 2015

2 October 2014

The Election for the Board of Directors of the British Academy of Film and Television Arts Los Angeles is again upon us, with nine vacancies to be filled. Each new Director will serve a two-year term commencing in January 2015.

The deadline to submit an application has now passed.

Applications will now be reviewed by the Election Oversight Committee and, if eligible, submitted to the general membership for voting in November . Voting will be conducted online and the tabulation of votes handled by an independent IT company.

Election details and voting information will be available to our Voting Members in November.

Individual Board members can make an essential contribution to the policy-making decisions, governance and operations of BAFTA Los Angeles. It must be understood that Board membership requires a meaningful level of commitment in time and effort. but we believe that the camaraderie and feeling of accomplishment in helping to shape the future of the organization is very rewarding. Each Member of the Board is committed to attend monthly Board of Directors meetings, to serve on, chair or co-chair at least one Committee, and contribute their talents, knowledge and enthusiasm to fulfill BAFTA Los Angeles’ mission. Board Members are also expected to raise funds for the organization through sponsorship, ticket sales or personal donations.

To be eligible, you must be a current Member of BAFTA Los Angeles who has (a) been a voting Member in good standing during the past year (a minimum of 2-year membership is recommended), and (b) has not been suspended for less than 30 days in the two years prior to the effective date of the election, and (c) not been suspended for more than 30 days at any time.