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BAFTA Los Angeles at the American Film Market

3 November 2011
BAFTA Los Angeles Screening of Creation. November 2009.BAFTA Los Angeles/Adrian Carr

BAFTA Los Angeles hosts "From The Trenches: The Director's Viewpoint with Jon Amiel" at this year's American Film Market.

As part of our ongoing Learning & Events program, BAFTA Los Angeles welcomes the Director of films including Creation, Entrapment, Copycat and Sommersby and TV series The Tudors and The Borgias to the AFM.

(Picture: Jon Amiel pictured with Paul Bettany at the BAFTA Los Angeles screening of Creation)

Attendees of the AFM can attend the seminar on Monday, November 7 at 2.30pm. The session will be moderated by BAFTA Los Angeles Board Member John Alan Simon.

For details please visit the AFM website here.