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Iain Softley on Backbeat: Video

21 February 2013
BAFTA Los Angeles/Matthew Wiseman

Filmmaker Iain Softley joined BAFTA Los Angeles for a recent Salon where he spoke about his acclaimed career and varied works including the BAFTA winning Backbeat, now a hit stage show.

The Director of films including K-Pax, Inkheart, The Skeleton Key and Hackers joined Members in an intimate discussion on the many facets of his career.

Chronicling the The Beatles' early period in Hamburg and original band member Stuart Sutcliffe, Backbeat earned Iain a BAFTA nomination for Best British Film upon its release and having now adapted the film for the stage, Iain discussed the genesis of the original film and its subsequent transition into a hit stage show.

Backbeat made its US debut in Los Angeles at the Ahmanson Theater. Learn more about the stage version of Backbeat here.

Hear Iain discuss the original casting of Backbeat in this clip below.

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Taped at BAFTA Los Angeles in February 2013.

BAFTA Los Angeles thanks Iain Softley for joining us. We invite you to learn more about the Ahmanson Theater and the Center Theater Group here.