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Board of Directors Election : Results

5 December 2013

Following the recent BAFTA Los Angeles Board Election, we are pleased to announce the results and the members who will serve on the Board in 2014.

The following Members have been elected to serve a two-year term on the Board of Directors. The term will begin on January 1, 2014.

Philip Ashcroft, Kieran Breen, Katherine Haber MBE, Deborah Shaw Kolar, Sandro Monetti, Julia Verdin, Brian Walton, Beverley Ward, Bumble Ward

These Members will join the following Members who will begin the second year of their two-year term:

Nigel Daly, Gary Dartnall OBE, Bryony Foster, Paul Heller, James Knight, Vivian Mayer, Kara Miller, Paul Steinke, Rosalie Swedlin

The Board work alongside our seven members of staff, and together are responsible for the extensive programs, events and initiatives that we present, the fulfillment of our mission, and the overall operations of the organization.

BAFTA Los Angeles thanks our outgoing Board Members Rob Bagshaw, Nigel Lythgoe, Rebecca Segal, and Nigel Sinclair for their invaluable contributions to the organization throughout their time on the Board of Directors.

Nigel Daly will chair the Board in 2014, with Deborah Kolar and Brian Walton serving as Deputy Chairs. Paul Steinke will be Treasurer and Beverley Ward will be Secretary.

We thank all of our Members for participating in this important election and look forward to a productive year ahead.