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Winner Updates: Live Vs.Watching the Show

The House of Fraser British Academy Film Awards will take place at the Royal Festival Hall, London, on Sunday 8 May at 7pm. At 8pm the ceremony will be broadcast on BBC One and BBC One HD.

We’ll be announcing the winners live on the BAFTA website and across our social networks but we don’t want to spoil the suspense for those of you tuning in to the TV show, so here's the setup so you don't run into any surprises...

This is the first place to discover the winners in real time. The nominations list will be updated with ‘WIN’ symbols appearing next to the winner for each category as soon as they are revealed.

Television Awards in 2016 nominations / winners page >

FACEBOOK:Icon Facebook

We won’t announce winners live on Facebook but will share links to the winner’s page on when certain categories have been announced. Avoid clicking the links if you don’t want to know the winners, click away if you’re curious!

BAFTA Facebook Page >

TUMBLR:Icon Tumblr

Winners will also be announced in real time on our Tumblr blog. The BAFTA Television Tumblr is not a safe zone for anyone keen to keep themselves in the dark! Everyone else, go for your life and enjoy the updates.

BAFTA Film Tumblr >

TWITTER:Icon Twitter

As winners are announced in real time, we’ll tweet details of which category has just been revealed with a link to our Tumblr post revealing the winner’s name/title. It won't be spoiler if you're scrolling our Twitter feed, only if you click the link.

@BAFTA on Twitter >


Why aren’t the Film and Television Awards ceremonies broadcast live?

The actual ceremonies run at well over two hours, so they need to be edited to fit the two hour BBC schedule, and we need a little time to do that.

If it can’t be broadcast live, why do you announce the winners live online?

In the days before Twitter, and the connectivity of smartphones, we used to have an embargo on awards being announced ahead of the BBC One broadcast. But these days, with so many people owning a smart phone and the means to publish whatever they like, whenever they like, an embargo has become unenforceable - we simply can’t stop everyone who’s at the awards from tweeting the results as they happen. In fact, it’s only natural that winners, guests and journalists want to share what’s going on.

It’s important that we’re able to provide the official results as well as other people’s reporting of them, so there is an authentic source for whatever information ends up on the internet.

Regarding BAFTA's official Twitter feed, we will provide a spoiler alert before we start publishing the results, so anyone wanting to watch the show at 9pm without knowing them is warned in advance. You'll have to click through to see the official result.