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Greening the Screen

Greening The Screen is an annual event in the form of a debate hosted at BAFTA. Over the session an expert panel discuss green issues facing the film and television industries.

Greening The Screen 2012

Watch our video from the 2012 Greening The Screen Event, featuring impressionist and green campaigner Alistair McGowan, and much more.

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Greening The Screen 2010

On 19 September 2010 BAFTA hosted a live discussion with a panel of experts to talk about how businesses and individuals can reduce their carbon footprints in our industries. The live discussion was followed by a Trade Fair of organisations that work to help keeping things greener.

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Moderated by Alistar McGowan, speakers included: Kevin Price (COO of BAFTA), Tim Bevan (Co-Founder and Co-Chairman, Working Title and Chair of the UK Film Council), Melanie Dicks (Partner, Greenshoot), Jonathon Porritt (founding Director of Forum for the Future and Chairman of the UK Sustainable Development Commission) and Andy Whittaker (Founder and Chairman, Dogwoof).

During its shoot 'X-Men Origins: Wolverine' saved $55,000 by diverting an estimated 615 tonnes of waste from landfill.

What is BS 8909?

Recent films such as 2006's An Inconvenient Truth and 2009's The Age of Stupid have played important roles in promoting sustainable living. But the very act of producing and distributing a film or television show is notoriously environmentally unfriendly - a feature film can produce 2000 tonnes of carbon emissions. What can be done to reduce this?

BS 8909 - or British Standard 8909 - is a new voluntary code of practice developed by the BSI, the UK Film Council and various sectors of the industry. As Tim Bevan (UKFC) says, it gives an 'indication to the industry about how to do things' - encouraging and incentivising working methods that cut down on a production's carbon footprint.

Learn more about the British Standard BS 8909.

How can we encourage sustainability?

Jonathan Porrit, founder of Forum for the Future, says the challenge is persuading people and companies that sustainable living actually improves the quality of their functioning: 'the efficiency of their operations, even the bottom line of their operations'.

It's not just about saving the planet: sustainable initiatives directly benefit the economy, he says.

The set on Nanny McPhee 2 was recycled up to 94%. We were completely embraced and everybody was on board.

How can we begin to make a difference?

  • Change your mode of travel: if you drive, could you dive less? If you have a bike, could you cycle more? It also has knock-on effects on the quality of life - especially in cities.
  • Make small changes to your daily routine: try implementing some low/no-cost sustainability initiatives to see if they can make you more efficient. When you and others see the benefits, there will be greater willingness to invest in bigger schemes.
  • Find people to help: once you get out there and start networking a little, you'll realise people are more willing to help than you think...