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BAFTA Hong Kong Scholarships

The BAFTA Scholarship Programme in Hong Kong is supporting UK-Asia cross-cultural exchange by inviting UK nationals to study a postgraduate course in film, television or games in Hong Kong, and permanent residents of Hong Kong to study at a UK institution. The two programmes opened in 2014 and two recipients have been awarded, one to each programme. 

BAFTA Scholarship Programmes in Hong Kong

UK nationals studying in Hong Kong

This scholarship programme is supported by the Yip Foundation and is open to UK nationals studying in need of financial assistance to take a postgraduate course in Hong Kong related to a career in film, television or games.

Recipient in 2014: Tian Macleod Ji

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Hong Kong residents studying in the UK

This is the official BAFTA Yip Foundation Scholarship and is open to permanent Hong Kong residents in need of financial assistance to take a postgraduate course in the UK related to a career in film, television or games. 

Recipient in 2014: Wan Pin Chu

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2014/15 Scholars

The BAFTA Scholarship Programme in Hong Kong, supported by the Yip Foundation

Tian Macleod Ji

Tian Macleod Ji, from Oxford, is awarded a scholarship to study the MFA in Creative Media at City University of Hong Kong, comprising £9,300 for one year’s course fees, a £10,000 bursary for expenses, and mentoring support from an industry professional in Hong Kong.

Tian, aged 22, was raised in Oxfordshire by his British mother and Chinese father, and lived in Oxford until moving to London to study for a BA in Chinese (Modern and Classical) at SOAS, University of London (School of Oriental and African Studies). His course included a year in Beijing, where he researched and wrote a thesis on Chinese Independent Cinema.

In his early teens, Tian was selected to take part in a filmmaking initiative at his school under the mentorship of BAFTA-nominated documentary-maker Michael Grigsby. In 2010 Tian was honoured with a Best Documentary award at the BFI Future Film Festival for his first live-action short A Soldier, documenting his uncle’s experiences serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. 
Alongside his studies, Tian has worked as a professional model, a waiter, a sales assistant, and has taught English to foreign students.

BAFTA has introduced Tian to Craig Leeson, CEO of award-winning Hong Kong-based production company Leeson Media, who will mentor him during his studies.
Tian said: “With the scholarship I have been given an incredibly supportive financial backing, which will allow me to devote myself to the course, without having to work simultaneous to studying. BAFTA has also introduced to me to an inspirational mentor, who is a successful director and producer based in Hong Kong. This is invaluable in laying the foundation for a career in filmmaking, which I intend to pursue.”

The BAFTA Yip Foundation Scholarship

Wan Pin Chu

Scholarships 2014Wan Pin Chu is awarded the BAFTA Yip Foundation Scholarship, reserved for Hong Kong residents, towards the MComp in Composition for Screen at the Royal College of Music (RCM) in London, comprising £20,000 towards one year’s course fees, a £10,000 bursary for expenses, and mentoring support from an industry professional in the UK.

Wan, aged 23, was raised in Hong Kong and first came to the UK to study for a BMus in Musicology and Composition at King’s College London. During his time in London, he has also received tuition in violin at the Royal Academy of Music. He will shortly begin the second year of his MComp at the Royal College of Music.

Wan has won multiple national and international competitions playing the traditional Chinese instrument the Erhu. Whilst in the UK he has composed music for documentaries, animations and student films, including two short films that screened at The National Gallery in London and a documentary that was performed by the RCM Orchestra. He has also hosted seminars looking at Chinese musical tradition in film, and is co-scoring a BBC documentary. In his spare time he has designed websites for other artists.

Wan said: “I feel honoured and grateful that BAFTA granted me this scholarship. Not only does it mean that I can continue my studies without much financial burden, it gives me opportunity to work with and learn from the best composers and film directors in the industry. This opportunity is priceless.”

Wan and Tian together in Hong Kong in the summer of 2014...

About BAFTA in Asia

Our activity in Hong Kong aims to bring together both British and Asian talent, supporting and celebrating the wealth of talent that exists in Asia by giving opportunities to talented newcomers, showcasing world-renowned talent and encouraging mutual collaboration between practitioners.

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