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Peter Molyneux: Annual Video Games Lecture 2009

3 January 2012
Peter Molyneux OBE presents the BAFTA Video Games Lecture, in association with GAME. BAFTA / Jamie Simonds

The pioneering developer behind Populous and Fable delivers the Academy's prestigious video games lecture.

On Wednesday 21 October 2009 legendary video games developer Peter Molyneux OBE delivered BAFTA’s Video Games Lecture, in association with GAME. Molyneux has been at the forefront of the games industry for over two decades and is behind such classic titles as Populous, Black & White, and the BAFTA-winning Fable series. He received the Academy's highest honour - its Fellowship - in 2011.

The best innovations come from challenging the foundation stones of conventional wisdom.

He spoke about his career inspiration and the great games of the past 20 years that have both influenced his work and moved the industry forward. He urges the industry to address consumers’ appetite for truly original experiences and expand beyond the core gaming audience of 4 million people, and asks, "is there a way we can create entertainment which appeals to a broader audience?".