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Media Molecule: Annual Video Games Lecture 2010

3 January 2012
The BAFTA Annual Video Games Lecture in 2010

Alex Evans (co-founder of the studio that created LittleBigPlanet) delivers the Academy's Annual Video Games Lecture in 2010.

On 7 October 2010, BAFTA was delighted to welcome Alex Evans to present the Academy’s Annual Video Games Lecture in association with GAME. Evans is co-founder and technical director of games development studio Media Molecule, creators of the BAFTA-winning LittleBigPlanet.

It’s a technical endeavour as well as an artistic one. You have to build this incredibly amazing technological machine that’s right on the cutting edge, otherwise you’ll be shot down for being old-school.

He takes a detailed look at the technical aspects of game-making and stresses the importance of specific game-creation tools.

He speaks critically about his work as he reveals the minute complexities of game development. He asserts that the flavour of a game and the way that it plays is predominantly down to how the elements of the game are pieced together by the studio.