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James Cameron: A Life in Pictures

20 December 2011
James Cameron: Alfred Dunhill BAFTA A Life in Pictures event. BAFTA / J Simmonds

The man behind True Lies, Titanic and Avatar speaks to Francine Stock about his career in films.

There are few filmmakers with as much industry and creative influence as James Cameron. The son of electrical engineer in Ontario, he made his first directorial impact with the self-penned The Terminator (1994), whose success led to Aliens (1986), True Lies (1994) and the box-office-smashing Titanic (1997). His big budget 3D extravaganza Avatar was released in 2009, and won 2 BAFTA Film Awards.

After Titanic I got hooked on deep ocean exploration. There was a thrill in that that was greater than the glitz of a red carpet, winning an Academy award.

The award-winning director talked to Francine Stock about starting out in the industry and the inspiration behind his work.

In front of an audience of film fans and BAFTA members, Cameron reveals the processes and working methods behind his groundbreaking films, including Terminator and the record-breaking Titanic. He goes on to talk about working for over a decade on Avatar, before sharing his thoughts on the future of film formats and technologies.