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Bottletop: Official Bag Partner

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Bottletop: Official Bag Partner

Bottletop is an award winning sustainable luxury fashion brand. Using the finest sustainably sourced and up-cycled materials, bottletop sets out to empower artisans with skills and livelihoods by creating collections in developing parts of the world. In 2017 Bottletop launched its flagship store at 84 Regent St.; the world’s first zero waste retail environment, created using up-cycled plastic 3D printed by robots. The Bottletop Foundation supports health education projects for young people globally.

This year’s nominees’ bag is an elegant basket tote created from pandan leaves woven by highly skilled artisans in Bali. Each bag is created by hand using traditional weaving techniques passed down through generations. This Bottletop design reinterprets these techniques to create an elegant and versatile unisex tote bag that matches function with  form; a practical day bag and sustainable style statement. Each bag is finished with the Bottletop signature logo fob. The bags have been produced in partnership with stelar; a social enterprise founded in Bali to bring much needed livelihoods to communities by re-interpreting age-old techniques.
Each design is positively impacting talented local artisans in Bali through sustainable design.