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Bottletop: Official Bag Partner

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Bottletop: Official Bag Partner

BOTTLETOP is an award-winning sustainable luxury lifestyle brand with a clear design vision and ambitious social mission. Sourcing rare, original production techniques and elevating them through its design processes, BOTTLETOP creates collections using the finest sustainably sourced and up-cycled materials.

BOTTLETOP generates skills and livelihoods for artisans through the creation of its designs and provides health education for young people via the BOTTLETOP FOUNDATION. Behind all of the BOTTLETOP creative processes is a mission to use design to empower people and support the fragile resources of our planet.

BOTTLETOP is proud to be the Official Bag Partner to the EE British Academy Awards in 2017, supporting BAFTA’s industry leading position on sustainability.

This year BOTTLETOP has created a limited edition sustainable bag design for all BAFTA award nominees in partnership with Artisan.Fashion in Kenya.

Created with East African farmed cotton and weaved by hand in Kenya, each bag is meticulously hand cut, screen printed, embossed and individually tailored. The patchwork lining of the bag is made with up-cycled men’s shirts. The aluminium parrot clips are made in the rural artisan community with up-cycled car engine parts, taps and padlocks that are individually sourced locally. Each design is positively impacting talented local artisans and micro-producers in Kenya through sustainable design.