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Orange BAFTAs The Final Word

12 February 2012
Alex Zane hosts Orange BAFTA's The Final Word

Alex Zane hosts an Orange BAFTA Film Awards forum, inviting film fans to share their thoughts on the winners.

On the evening of the 2012 BAFTA Film Awards, Orange hosted an opinion forum at the Linbury theatre, right next door to the Royal Opera House where all of the live action was taking place. The forum was hosted by Alex Zane and the opinion panel included arts correspondent for The Times Ben Hoyle, stylist and fashion director Grace Woodward and actor and comedian Humphrey Ker.

During the forum the audience and panel predicted the winners and shared their thoughts on the results as they were announced in the next door auditorium. Throughout the event guests including Claudia Winkleman, Adam Deacon and Edith Bowman, joined the forum to add to the discussion.

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This is about you having your say on the winners and the losers. It's kind of like Twitter but without the comfortable anonymity