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Film Awards Eligibility, Rules and Entry

The EE British Academy Film Awards will take place on 16 February 2014. The deadline for submitting your feature film for entry and supplying all the materials outlined in the rules is 13 November 2013.


13 November
11 December
19 December
3 January
8 January
12 February
14 February
16 February
Deadline to enter films and submit screen credits via the Entry Portal
Round 1 Voting activated
Qualified films must be screened to Members by this date
Round 1 Voting closes
Nominations announcement, Round 2 Voting activated
Round 2 Voting closes
All entered films must have opened for general release
EE British Academy Film Awards

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Films must be released theatrically in the UK, within the Academy awards year:
1 January to 31 December 2013. Films that open between 1 January and 14 February 2014 inclusive may be 'qualified' by Distributors by being screened to Academy Film Voting Members by 19 December 2013.

To be eligible, a feature film must:

  • be feature-length with a running time exceeding 70 minutes;
  • receive its first public exhibition or distribution in the UK as a theatrical release;
  • be exhibited publicly to a paying audience within commercial cinemas in the UK for no fewer than seven days.

Any release pattern which falls outside of this definition will not normally be eligible. Please contact us if you are unsure.

Previously entered films are not eligible. Where a film is released in more than one language version, only one version can be entered and this should generally be the original language version.

Films from all countries are eligible in all categories, with the exception of Outstanding British Film, Outstanding Debut, British Short Film and British Short Animation which are for British films only.

There are additional eligibility criteria for some categories, please read the Rule Book for full details.

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Film Awards Entry Rules

For the full details of entry for the EE British Academy Film Awards please download the official entry rule book via the link below.

EE British Academy Film Awards Rule Book 2013/14 (373.7 KB)

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Films must be entered for consideration by the film’s distributor or producer, or by a BAFTA film voting member.

Films must be entered via BAFTA's Awards Entry website here:

BAFTA Awards Entry >

On-screen credits are used to determine eligibility in all categories. The entry form must be completed in full and submitted accompanied by the film’s final opening and closing credit roll and the poster credit block. Additional supporting materials may be required for entries in some categories.

If an entered film is withdrawn after the final Entered Films List is issued to members and voting begins then it cannot be entered in any subsequent year, even if its release date has changed.

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Further Information

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