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Barney Harwood: Host of the Children’s Awards

22 October 2010
Kids 10 Barney Harwood ArrivalBAFTA/Richard Kendal

The 2012 Awards were hosted by popular children's television presenter; Barney Harwood, at the London Hilton, Park Lane on Sunday 28 November.

Blackpool-born Barney Harwood is best known as the comic face of CBBC’s Smile and for presenting popular children’s entertainment shows such as Crush, Totally Doctor Who, Sorcerer’s Apprentice, Smokehouse, Barney’s Barrier Reef, Basil’s Swap Shop and Prank Patrol.

For the past two years Barney has been a familiar face on as the official backstage interviewer of all BAFTA Children’s Award Winners. Barney was also awarded a BAFTA of his own for his role presenting Smile at the 2007 BAFTA Children’s Awards.

On 28 November 2010, Barney took to the BAFTA stage once more but this time for the entire duration of the ceremony to host the British Academy Children’s Awards.

Check out the cartoon Barney on the BAFTA Kid’s Vote website now and take a ride in Barney’s cab along the BAFTA Boulevard!

Visit Barney's BAFTA Boulevard at the BAFTA Kid's Vote site

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