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Barney Blogs for BAFTA

18 November 2010
Barney Blogs for BAFTA

Host of the 2010 EA British Academy Children's Awards Barney Harwood gives the inside scoop on what it's like to run the show.

You'll probably recognise Barney from a whole load of TV shows and if you've been to BAFTA Boulevard to have your say in the BAFTA Kid's Vote, then you will also have taken a hair raising ride in Barney's cab. Not yet had the pleasure? Head over to now.

Let the Blogging Begin...

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30 November 2010

Right then, first things first! There was no buffet!...But there was loads of posh food that you see in them fancy restaurants! I had a mushroom pastry with goat’s cheese in it (I didn’t even know goats could make cheese!)

Anyway, the awards were great! Lots of people you know won awards too!
Justin Fletcher won the BAFTA for best presenter! It’s the 2nd time he’s won this award and I’m really happy for him! I even had a bit of a dance with him at the start of the show, he knows all the moves!

There were some really cool guests who showed up too! Matt Baker, Ali Bastion, Pollyanna from the Gadget Show and Take That’s very own Gary Barlow!!

I was really excited to see him and wanted to ask him loads of questions but he told me to have PATIENCE because IT ONLY TAKES A MINUTE to present an award and when they give you a spotlight and a microphone you can RULE THE WORLD

(The editors at BAFTA would like to point out that Barney is being silly, and that the sentence you just read was entirely made up, just so that Barney could introduce his favorite Take That songs in a funny way!)

Ah man! Those editors always change what I say!

Anyway, the evening was loads of fun and it gave me another chance to do what I love! Although I was a bit nervous last night coz I knew loads of people in the audience! It was a bit like performing in front of your aunty when she just stares at you sucking that everlasting boiled sweet, I must say tho, the audience last night were lovely!

I would like to add a huge congratulations from myself to everyone, whether nominated or a winner or even just part of the incredible production teams who work behind the scenes! I hope that all you talented types keep making great shows, and I hope I can get to present some for many years to come!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to fly back to Neverland. Tinkerbell has made quiche!

The end

Erm……. Are you supposed to write ‘the end?’....... or should it be ‘to be continued?’.........

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19 November 2010

In the words of my little brother who is considerably more ‘street’ than myself; 'I is well looking forward to der baftas,innit'

I have been backstage at the event for the past couple of years now where I have met some amazing guests like Richard Hammond and the Chuckle brothers and interviewed them about their awards.

To be actually hosting the awards is amazing! I can’t wait! Plus I’ve heard they do a really good buffet!
There are 2 new awards this year including a comedy award! I love comedy and believe it to be the best thing in our lives! If you’re laughing, you’re winning! Nuff said!

My favourite comedian at the mo is Lee Evans, he’s really clever and sounds a bit like my aunty jean, which to me makes him even funnier!

The awards are packed with talented people and are a great showcase for the world that ‘us kids’ live in! And it’s a great chance to give them a pat on the back (and a really heavy award shaped like a face with one eye)
Anyway, I best be off, me gran has made some corned beef hash and she reckons if I don’t eat it now she’s gonna give it me for breakfast! She’s weird!]


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