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Events Programme

BAFTA's UK-wide programme of events provides moments of inspiration for all.

Our learning mission is to share the expertise of the BAFTA community with a broad audience in order to promote creative excellence in film, TV and games production

How we do this...

  • We share best practice and debate key issues with the industry
  • We identify new talent and support their development by connecting them with established practioners
  • We help the wider community understand more about production, deepening their appreciation for the art forms of the moving image BAFTA is committed to supporting talent outside London. We rely on many festivals, venues and other partners in order to achieve this and work closely with our branches in Wales, Scotland, Los Angeles and New York. !!Our remit Our learning programme...
  • Provides a platform for creative individuals with recognised experience of working in film, TV and games, to share knowledge and expertise with a variety of public audiences
  • Contributes to the discussion about creative excellence and how it is achieved
  • Focuses on production skills with the aim of raising standards and deepening appreciation

Key Strands

  1. A Life in Pictures – Career interviews with award-winning actors and directors exploring how they have developed their craft through the years. Sister strands, A Life in Television and A Life in Pixels examine the careers of luminaries from the world of television and games respectively. These series celebrate the art forms of the moving image, helping the audience understand the creative process of a major international talent. 

  2. Academy Lectures – Each year BAFTA presents an annual film, TV and games lecture with a creative figure from each industry. Speakers give their views on creative excellence in their field, highlighting future trends and developments.
  3. Mastering Your Craft – BAFTA’s masterclass strand celebrates excellence within the craft areas which support film, TV and games. Speakers take a forensic look at their work and the creative decisions which they have made along the way.
  4. BAFTA Debates – BAFTA provides a neutral platform for the industries to debate current issues. We work hard to maintain our neutrality in order to provide balanced viewpoints that will hopefully help you to make up your mind!
  5. Screenwriters Lecture Series – our flagship craft strand shines the spotlight on screenwriters and their role in the creative process.
  6. Christmas Screenings – Each year, BAFTA works with charities to assist people who cannot easily access cinemas to experience a Christmas film
  7. Shorts Tour - Every year, we tour the winning and nominated films from the Short Film and Short Animation categories to many venues and festivals around the UK.