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BAFTA's Commitment to Learning

Our learning programme gives you access to some of the most inspiring creative talent within film, TV and games. Our events and online resources help you explore how they define creative excellence and how they’ve achieved it.

Our learning mission is to share the expertise of the BAFTA community with a broad audience in order to promote creative excellence in film, TV and games production.

How we do this...

  • We share best practice and debate key issues with the industry
  • We identify new talent and support their development by connecting them with established practitioners
  • We help the wider community understand more about production, deepening their appreciation for the art forms of the moving image

BAFTA’s events

Each year we run over 250 events around the UK, as well as through our US branches in New York and Los Angeles. We work with a number of partners who help us to achieve our aims. As far as is possible, we record our events for our online learning hub, BAFTA Guru.

BAFTA events are also an opportunity for you to meet other people working in the industry, developing valuable relationships.

See the list of up-coming events and get involved: What's on at BAFTA

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An overview of BAFTA's events policy: BAFTA Events


BAFTA Guru is an online resource designed to allow us to share knowledge with a wide audience and encourage debate around the craft of film, television and games production. BAFTA’s rich and growing archive of Learning & Events can be accessed via the BAFTA Guru player and you can register on the site and share your views on the work of the creative industries.


Supporting New Talent

Another key element of BAFTA’s work is with new talent. Through a range of initiatives and partnerships we help the industry to identify new talent and also support their development.

Find out more: BAFTA Supporting New Talent