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The refurbished Boardroom at 195 Piccadilly.BAFTA
BAFTA's various committees oversee key areas of the organisation's work across film, television and games.

Sector Committees


For individual biographies and more information about the Film Committee, click here.


Rosie Alison (newly elected)
Noel Clarke (newly elected)
Andrew Curtis (re-elected)
Christopher Figg
Pippa Harris
Pippa Markham (newly elected)
Nik Powell
Marc Samuelson
Kenith Trodd (re-elected)
Clare Wise



For individual biographies and more information about the Television Committee, click here.


Otto Bathurst (newly elected)
Helen Bullough (newly elected)
Daniel Isaacs  (newly elected)
Krishnendu Majumdar
Laurence Marks  (newly elected)
Elizabeth McIntyre  (newly elected)
Emma Morgan
Sara Putt
Brian Woods
Hannah Wyatt  (newly elected)


For individual biographies and more information about the Games Committee, click here.


Harvey Elliott (Chair) (re-elected)
Georg Backer
Nick Button-Brown (newly elected)
Ray Maguire
Jo Twist


Imre Jele
Rhianna Pratchett
David Raynard
Lee Shuneman

Other Committees

Learning & Events

The Chair of the Learning and Events Committee is elected from the members of the Sector Committees. The rest of the committee is co-opted.

Sara Putt (Chair)
Hilary Bevan Jones
Aidan Conway
Tim Corrie
James Dean
Justin Johnson

Matt Locke
Johnny Minkley
Andy Nuttall
Kate O'Connor
Lucy Pilkington


For individual biographies and more information about the Children's Committee, click here.

Harvey Elliott (Chair and Representative of Games Committee)
Helen Bullough (Representative of Television Committee)

Rosie Allimonos
Helen Blakeman
Anne Brogan
Beth Gardiner
Joe Godwin

Oliver Hyatt
Matt Locke
Cecilia Persson
Anna Rafferty
Jessica Symons

Digital Strategy & Communications

Sue Thexton (Co-chair)
Aidan Conway (Co-chair)
Alistair Brown
Oliver Davies
Phil Haggar
Kevin Price
Ros Mackenzie
Rags Gupta
Maya Gabrielle

Jane Burton
Liz Friedman
Rich Keen
Robin Pembrooke
Anna Rafferty
Claire Geddie
Andrew Elia
Maria Ingold


Medwyn Jones (Chair)
Amanda Berry
Kevin Price
John Willis
Tim Corrie
David Parfitt

Hilary Bevan Jones
Jonathan Caplan
Nicola Horlick
Stephen Maher
Xavier Marchand


Maggie Rodford (Chair)
Eugene Cariaga
Lisa Chapman
Doreen Dean
Niall Duffy
Janet Foster
Sarah Hayes
Sue Malden

Fiona Maxwell
Andy Nuttall
Mark Pomeroy
Kevin Price
Karena Smith

Branch Boards & Committees