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Mazawattee Tea: Official Gift Provider

Mazawattee Tea: Official Gift Provider

Established in 1887 by John Boon Densham, Mazawattee has formed an important chapter in the history of the British tea trade. Mazawattee had once been the most famous tea company in England, having paid record duties for tea and was the most advertised tea company of the 19th century. Mazawattee is an exotic blend of the Hindi word 'Maza' meaning pleasure and the Sinhalese word 'Wattee' meaning garden.

The Second World War saw the Mazawattee facilities at Tower Hill destroyed. Today, visitors can see where the historic Mazawattee warehouse stood at Tower Hill Terrace and can enter the Tower Vaults which held the many Mazawattee treasure chests of tea.

For true tea lovers, Mazawattee has been brought back so the next generation can rediscover a little of its magic. Today, Mazawattee sources delicious teas from Fairtrade and Rainforest Alliance Certified farms, so you can savour 'The Cup that Cheers'. Find out more at